4 nov

The American political scientist Francis Fukuyama defined lobbys such as « powerful interest groups which can obstruct necessary change in the world ». The general public’s point of view concerning lobbies is nowadays dealing with a lot of criticism.


Indeed, in France this issue is discussed daily since the Minister of Ecology resigned last month. Hulot said lobbies had too much power over the French government. One example of lobbies involvement which made him leave his position was the achievement of hunting lobby groups to get cheaper hunt licences. This defeat was an outrage for Hulot whose major goal is the protection of birds.


At the same time in the USA anti-gun lobby protests are organized all over the country to fight against mass-shooting and reduce the influence of the National Rifle Association.


Today, we can define a lobby as a way to promote something like a project or secure the passage of legislation by influencing public officials. If French and American populations tend to agree on the definition, in practice things aren’t the same.


For example, in the USA, Lobbying is normal. It’s just an aspect of the public policy-making process for democratic countries. We can’t talk of an inherently corrupt practice. Whereas in France, lobbying does not have a good connotation, French people are very suspicious about this subject. Contrary to French, for Americans it’s a normal and recognized practice, to the point where, companies try to hire some professional lobbyists.


We will see in a future article, how everything started in France compared to the United States!

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